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Ayrshire is a beautiful part of the west coast of Scotland and the town of Ayr is located about 30 miles south of Glasgow. It has many places of interest and beauty none the least of which is “Burns’ country” named after our famous poet Robert Burns. It is in this area where some of our members reside and our main activities are held.

Swarm catchers!Ayr & District Beekeepers Association has been in existence since about 1917 and is comprised predominantly of beekeepers residing in South, East an North Ayrshire.

Ayr & District BKA is affiliated to the Scottish Beekeepers Association and enjoys all the benefits of the Scottish Beekeepers Association (see links to website). These benefits vary from beekeeping and disease education, insurance, practical guidance, book and video library, etc.

There are about 70 members in the Ayr & District BKA who are all amateur beekeepers with apiaries ranging from one or two hives to others with dozens of hives.

We vary in age and experience from the very young to the not so young and from just months of experience to many years.

Swarm clos up!During the summer months we meet regularly at the club apiary and various members’ apiaries where we spend time going through hives and gaining from each other's experience. After this we enjoy an afternoon tea at the locality where, naturally, much is discussed about beekeeping matters.

We also demonstrate and exhibit at a variety of shows throughout the summer.  (see events page)

In the winter months we meet at Kyle Academy on a regular basis where we have lectures on various beekeeping subjects. This is followed by a cup of tea and biscuits.

In 2016 we plan to

  • Continue to improve the running of the Club Apiary

  • Run beginners classes at the end of March

  • Run a Queen Rearing Course in May

  • Visit member's Apiaries

  • Host a visit from another club at our apiary

  • Continue our demonstrations and exhibits at a variety of shows

  • Fundraise for the club

  • Plan for our Centenary next year

We are a very pro-active association and would be delighted to see any new beekeepers to the area or anyone (young or old) who might be interested in taking up this rewarding hobby.


To be able to run the club apiary and demonstrate and exhibit at shows we need your support and expertise.  A big thanks to all those volunteers who help throughout the year.



Visit our kids section!





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