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April 2007

This is the first meeting of the year.  Ian is giving a demonstration on how to open a hive and check the bees.







One of the beginners 'having a go'.

As this hive is one brood box it is best to kneel down to get as close to the bees as possible.

Cover cloths are keeping the bees in the hive.



April 2008

Out of the six hives two have been lost this year.       Perhaps the colonies were too weak to come through the winter.

Of the four hives left, three are to be managed in different ways

  • Double brood box

  • Brood and 1/2 box

  • Single brood box                                           

    The other one is for supplies nucs to beginners if possible. Perhaps swarms will allow us to increase back to six hives  again.

    The task for each group of beekeepers is to see which hive does best and which one produces most honey this year!!!

    Each group have to make a plan to be followed throughout the year.


    August 2008

    Hives were changed onto the appropriate size of box in May.  Things did not go as planned due to the poor weather.  Often we did not get into the hives as often as we would like.

    Bees built up in all hives much better than last year.  However any foraging to be had was eaten by the bees in wet weather.

    Although there was a little honey at the end of the year none was removed and was left for the bees.

    All hives were fed 14kgs Ambrosia before gong into the winter.  All were treated for varroa in August.

    We will have to wait until 2009 to see if any of the different methods work.


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