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Q. How long does a worker bee live?
A. Essentially a worker bee lives about 6 weeks during the summer months. After emerging from the cell it spends about 3 weeks in the hive where it does various tasks such as feeding other bees, moving honey, cleaning the hive and guarding the entrance. After 3 weeks the bees starts to fly from the hive and forage for nectar, water and other products which they bring back into the hive. The bee dies after this period, having essentially worked itself to death.

Q. Can all bees sting?
A. There are 3 types of bees in the hive
  • the queen
  • worker bees (females)
  • drones (males)
The queen has a sting but only uses it to kill other queen bees. The queen can sting repeatedly. However it is rare for a queen to sting out with the hive. Worker bees have a large barb on their sting and can only sting once. Drones do not have a sting.

Q. Do bees die after they sting?
A. The queen bee does not die after using her sting. However, when the worker bee stings the barb causes the sting to remain attached to the victim along with the poison sack which was part of the bee's abdomen. The bee dies shortly thereafter as a result of the damage caused to its abdomen.

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