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Next event is Enid Brow talking on Judging Shows

Wednesday 12th December - 7:30pm

The Carrick Centre, Maybole, KA19 7DE

Followed by our Christmas Social on 15 Saturday 15th December

The Carrick Centre, Maybole, KA19 7DE



Subscriptions for 2018 are due from the 1st January!

Cost:   Adult  £15
           Junior £7.50

Please pay as soon as possible. You can now pay by direct debit. Contact the treasurer Chris Urie at chris@urie.me.uk


You are unable to buy from the club if your subs are not paid.

If you wish to come to the club apiary visits you must also be a member of the SBA for insurance purposes.


Articles for Sale - beekeeping items only

 Items for Sale



The club have bought a  3 frame manual tangential extractor for club members to hire.

·         The extractor would only be hired out to club members.

·         The extractor will be based at Lindsay’s and a booking diary kept as to hire.

·         A sheet must be signed agreeing to the terms and conditions and the condition of extractor both on hire and return.

·         The cost of hire for 2 days is £10 and extractor must be returned on the 3rd day by 5.00pm or earlier.

·         It may be possible to hire for longer if no-one else has the extractor booked.  If so it is a daily charge of £5.00.

·         There will be a deposit of £25 - returnable when extractor is returned cleaned and in same condition when hired out.

·         If the extractor is not cleaned properly or damaged the £25 will not be returned.  

·         It is the responsibility of the person hiring to collect and return the extractor.

E-mail us to book the days you would like the extractor


Register on BEEBASE

You can

  • be alerted to pests and diseases in your area have secure access to your inspection history

  • have access to info via the web

  • have access to a range of information

  • keep track of your hives in different apiaries

How to sign up

Online at www.nationalbeeunit.com

It is easy, secure and free!



If you are not receiving emails from me it is because I do not have your correct address.  Please send me an email so that I can get the addresses correct.


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